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SCOTT... has learned from some of the old masters of magic, but in his show, Scott's World of Magic®, he takes those lessons and gives them a modern twist for a new generation. He is a graduate of the prestigious Chavez College of Prestidigitation and Manual Dexterity, studying under the premier sleight-of-hand authority, Neil Foster.

"The unique thing about the Show is how Magic is presented in a whole new way to really capture the attention and imagination of all of the kids," says Scott. "We've taken elements from what the kids are into today, which is all the special effects, lighting, lasers, robots, neon, things that capture their attention and we've created MAGIC around that”.

"It's a whole new way to present a Classic in Magic," he says. Scott may be giving a fresh take on an old art, but in performing Fairs around the Country, he is also returning to his roots. As a child in Cincinnati, Ohio, Scott grew up attending the Hamilton County Fair. "When I was a little boy, my Uncle was a Fair Manager and some of the first Magic I ever saw was as a child at the Fair," He says. It captivated him, and he hopes to pass on that Sense of Wonder.

Scott further developed and honed his skills with five World Cruises on famed QEII, which led to a successful career with over fourteen different cruise lines. With Scott, you won’t find the typical magician in tails. What you will find is magic on a Grand Scale. After a week headlining the World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, president and owner William W. Larson wrote: “He de-lighted Magic Castle audiences with his talent and style, which is unique and imaginative!”

“Nowadays they call it street magic," he says. "And that Sleight of Hand Manipulation takes years and years of practice". That practice paid off with Scott winning a Gold Medal from the Society of American Magicians for Manipulation. Will you be able to see how he does it?

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