Franklin County Fair Race Night! - Sunday July 14

Race Night!
Gunderson Racing in partnership with the Franklin County Fair Board

Sunday July 14

The dream of Gunderson Racing started at a young age for myself. I have been around this sport, hobby, since I was a kid. I think I was around age 7-8 when I first watched a figure 8 race. Ever since then I’ve been a “Motörhead” and wanted to help my cousins and their buddies and be a noisy kid around all the race cars. My summers have been full of dirt track racing since then. I finally was old enough at 16 to race myself and I did just that. I bought my first car already built and ready to go to the track, but then after that I built my own cars other then a few I have bought as “rollers”. Everyone that knows me will tell you I live for this sport and now myself, my wife Ciera and our family’s have had the chance to own/ promote the Figure 8 series in North Iowa we are doing our best and putting in the time and effort to keeping it going and help it grow. After 2 full race seasons under our belt I can say it is A lot different then what I thought it would be to own this series. Not in a bad way, just coming from being a driver in the series to being the promoter and flag man it is all on a different level. Just as being a driver there is always ways to improve and listen to new ideas , think of new ways to improve the series as the drivers think of ways to improve their race cars. So hopefully this series is around along while yet and we can keep up with the change in times/cars and get the young kids as I once was involved in the series also. Just as our race team saying says “”We are Good and Getting Better “.

- Blake Gunderson

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